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'Masters of Sex' Season 2 Trailer

A reporter asked Georgios Samaras how many hearts Panagiotis Kone has stolen in Brazil. And Samaras answered none, nil, nothing- that only Orestis Karnezis has done so.


"I remember Sokratis telling me: ‘Whatever happens, we’re with you.’"

Georgios Samaras recalling the moment before he scored the penalty for Greece against Côte d’Ivoire. 



Panagiotis Kone will miss the rest of the World Cup. 


Greek Team selfie


Warning: My long and bloated shipping ramblings are about to begin. I knew I should have had my coffee first this morning.

Curious about anyone’s thought here. Since we don’t get Petyr’s POV in the series, we don’t really know how he reacted to Cat’s death. I’m sure he was in love with her when…

The possibility of there being no Petyr x Sansa scenes on tonight’s episode


What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany’s at midnight.

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I was lurking on the westeros forums and came across this speculation about Petyr Baelish’s possible backstory and motives. Would be exciting if it turned out to be true.


Me during all the Petyr x Sansa scenes in 4x08.

I’m having so much fun in the creepyshipping/petyr x sansa tags. So many witty, smart people.


Anonymous asked: "I think he put the gun in the bag so when he took it to school they would find it and call the cops then the cops will come and investigate and find what's hidden"

Oh yes, that makes sense. 

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So did Lester put that gun in Gordo’s backpack so he or his mother would find the gun and take it back to Chaz’s gun safe where they would find the murder weapon along with Pearl’s photos?

make me choose between two characters:

anon asked: daario naharis or cal morrison