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Assuming he doesn’t get killed off in the future, what will happen with Bash when Francis dies and Mary moves to Scotland?

Since Francis’ character isn’t convincing me as a compelling love interest and history isn’t really letting me ship Mary with any “fictional” character, I ship thrary- Mary and her throne.

Veep only had 955K viewers last night (per @TVMoJoe). This fucking sucks. The season premiere of Veep was gold last night. But because HBO wants to promote Silicon Valley they bumped Veep to the 10:30 slot, so that Silicon Valley could benefit from the Game of Thrones high viewership lead in. They need to fix this. 

Gahhhhh, the child talk between Amy and Dan, Dan being turned on by Amy hiding a phone in her crotch and then Amy dancing with the bouquet at the end (which she probably caught). They’re trying to kill me!!!

When Henry gave Bash the title of ‘Master of Horse and Hunt’ this popped up in my head. Totally random.

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch past episodes of The Good Wife knowing Will’s fate :’(

Whoever thinks Selina and Kent are gonna happen in Season 3, raise your hand.

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“Dan (Reid Scott) and Amy (Anna Chlumsky) in particular are both quite keen to become Selena’s chosen one, so you’ll see a lot of campaigning within the team.”


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